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How to Add Links
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You can easily add links to your Linq page! Here's how:

1) Go to the Pages tab on the bottom nav bar.

2) Click Add Content

3) Scroll to the Links tile

4) Once you select that, there should be an area that says "Section Header", which allows you to customize what you would like to title this area of your page (this is not required, but it is there if you feel like customizing this area on your page). e

5) Once you should see an area that includes a section where you can add a picture (once again, optional), a place for your Link Text (a small description of what the link is for those viewing your page), and an area for you to paste your website's URL

6) Once you have your Links tile set up how you want it, click Save, and you should be ready!

7) You can add more links to go into this same section. This is helpful if you have similar links that apply to the same header and you want to keep grouped together. Just click the green Add Link button down at the bottom of the edit window.

8) If you need a whole new Links section on your page (one that you want separate from this group of links or link you made previously), then you will go back to Add Content and start these steps over. This will make a whole new Links section on your page that can group other links together as well.

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