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How does the Hub work?
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Written by Barrett Bisognani
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Thanks for reaching out about our Hub! Before we begin, I want to point out that all of our Linq products work the same way - the Linq Hub works just the same as a Linq Card or Linq bracelet - the different products just cater to different needs/wants for our customers.

Here's a quick video showing the Hub in action: click HERE to watch. This will give you a quick overview, but the main point is, when scanned, a Linq product will take people to the Linq page you set up. With the Linq page, you can have them save the correct contact information and get their contact information in exchange. This process is doable with our Contact Form or the Leads Form option.

The Contact Form will be something that is displayed for them while they are saving your contact information. So you can customize what information you need to gather from them, and it will save into the Linq contacts.

There is also the Leads Form option. This is a piece of content on the Linq page where they will fill out a form with the information you want them to give. Again, this will only be available with Linq Pro Plus.

This contact information in the Linq contacts page can be exported as a .csv to any database you need it to go to. There are also some CRM integrations included with the Linq Pro and Linq Pro Plus subscription.

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