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More Information on How to Linq
More Information on How to Linq
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Written by Barrett Bisognani
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So glad you're interested in Linq! Here are a few things to note:

1) All of our Linq products are used to pull up a Linq page you will set up in the Linq app. With this Linq page, you can add all sorts of information to share with your connection during your interaction.

2) You can have multiple separate pages under one account. With a free account, you can have 1 Linq page; with a Linq Pro subscription, you can have up to 5! Each page can have different contact information and content. Each page will also have its own URL and QR code to share.

3) Since your products only pull up one page at a time, you can make each page have a different function with the same contact information, or you can have everything on one page. If you have it all on one page, you will assign the products to the same page. Then, during your interaction, inform them to scroll down and either download your resume or download your contact information.

4) Each page will have contact information that can be saved, so you would only need one page with your resume available to download and your contact information ready for saving.

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