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Overview of SSO
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Link for teams does allow you to utilize SSO or single sign-on for the users in your organization. We can set this up through a handful of different platforms, including Octa, Google, and more.


If youhit manage SSO configuration settings here at the top, that's going to take us into our respective platform, where documentation will be provided to walk you through getting that SSO set up for your organization.


You'll also see that you can toggle off or on whether or not you allow non SSO logins or not. If it is toggled on, a member of my organization who I've provisioned through the SSO could still log in using their email or phone number through our standard login procedures.


If you toggle it off, if they are a provisioned user within my organization, they can only use the SSO that I've set up to log in.


This can help increase ease of use and security for your organization. If you're interested in setting up an SSO for your organization, reach out to Team Success and we can talk you through the first few steps.

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