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Members Page Overview
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Alright, today we're going to be talking about your members tab so to find this we're going to click on people in the admin dashboard and then click on members. Now your members tab is going to show you a list of all the members in your organization, everyone that has accepted an invite And from this


members list we can click on someone's name and view obviously their name, their login mobile phone, their login emails, that that login information that they use to get into link We can change their role, so we can make them an admin or we can downgrade them to a member We can view the teams that they're


on and also edit those teams and add them to another team We can view their pages and from here we can change their non-admin permission so we can make their pages editable meaning that you can add things to their page or we can lock them down We can also view their products, if we were to click manage


here, it would take us to the products page where we could either reassign their product or deactivate it altogether Finally you can remove a user repair that would free up a seat for someone new in your organization

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