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How to use Linq Leap

Describes how to use Linq Leap to redirect your Linq page to a website.

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Linq Leap is a Linq Pro/Linq Pro Plus feature so be sure you are upgraded to one of the subscription options. Linq Leap is used to skip your Linq page and direct people to a website of your choosing. Your product that is assigned to your page, or your QR code that you download from the Share section will go straight to this new website.

To set up Linq Leap, follow these instructions.

1) Go to the Pages tab and view the page you wish to Leap from.

2) Click the Add Content button in the top right.

3) Scroll Down to find Linq Leap and select it.

4) Provide the URL to the website you wish for this to redirect to. Set the date you wish for this Leap to end. If you want it to leap indefinitely, you can adjust the year to as late as you want on the calendar.

5) Hit Save when you are done.

Now your page will leap to this website during the time you chose. You can always click Edit above this content tile if you need to edit the link or time frame.

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