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Introducing worknumber (included w/ Linq Pro Plus subscription)
Introducing worknumber (included w/ Linq Pro Plus subscription)

All the current details about the new worknumber feature from Linq.

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Introducing: worknumber

Our vision for Linq has always been to become a platform that drives your relationships forward. Since the beginning, our digital business card was designed not just to represent you, but also to capture information and help you continue the conversation. Linq Pro gave you the ability to better brand yourself and integrate that data into other systems like CRMs. Linq for Teams gave you even more integration and customization options, allowing you to spread it across your entire company. Today, I’m thrilled to introduce the next chapter of Linq, one that will drive your relationships forward more than anything else we’ve ever built - welcome to worknumber.

Why worknumber?

Until worknumber, your contact details were texted to leads through a Linq-controlled phone number. After looking closer, we realized that people were trying to reach you by responding to that text. Until now, there was no way for you to see those messages and respond! By giving you access to the number and all the messaging, you now have total control.

What is worknumber?

Worknumber is a secondary phone number built specifically for networking. We’ll automatically text new leads for you and start the conversation, route incoming calls to your main line, and record and transcribe calls so you never miss a detail. We’ve heard from you for a while that Linq does a great job in helping you make a great first impression, and that you wanted more power in actually converting those interactions into relationships. Worknumber is currently only available to Linq Pro+ subscribers.

How does it work?

The process is simple. Once you've signed up for Linq Pro Plus, you'll have access to the worknumber features. Choose the area code you want, and just like that, you'll have a worknumber secondary number. You’ll get a text from me (through our worknumber automation, pretty cool right?) to assist you with any setup questions you might have from there.

What’s next for worknumber?

Right now, worknumber is all about helping establish a clear line of communication between you and your customers. The next phase of worknumber is all about helping you market and sell your services. Combined with the Linq Page and our contact management system, our vision for worknumber is to become the engine driving your business relationships forward. Want to schedule a meeting with a new lead? Our AI tech will take care of that for you. Want to record a conversation with a prospective buyer to help you generate a proposal? Worknumber has you covered. Need to share notes on a conversation between your team members? Share a conversation with one click.

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