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Ambassador Link Content Option
Ambassador Link Content Option

How to set up your Ambassador Link on your page.

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Ambassador Link

If you have signed up to be an Ambassador for Linq, you can provide your referral link to visitors on your Linq page. They can click the link and be directed to order products with your discount.

How to Use Ambassador Link

  1. Go to the Pages tab. (2nd icon from the left at the bottom of the app)

  2. Select Add Content at the top.

  3. Scroll to find Ambassador Link and select it.

  4. It will ask for your PayPal email. We use PayPal to pay the commissions for your Ambassador account.

  5. If you don't have an Ambassador account with this email, it will create your Ambassador account when you click Become an Ambassador.

  6. If you already have an Ambassador account and provide the same email here, clicking Become an Ambassador will use your existing link.

  7. The Edit Window will now appear where you can add a title to this section by editing the Section Header.

  8. Click Save When you are done and this will add to your page.

Additional Information

You can access your Ambassador Dashboard by going to the Menu section (bottom right icon in the app), and selecting Ambassador Settings above your Ambassador Link on your page.

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