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General Linq Info
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Linq is a networking app that allows users to create a custom digital page to centralize all their content and then easily share with a simple tap or scan of their Linq product. You create an account with our Linq App, and then within the account, you create a Linq page. Your Linq page is where you can host a multitude of information: links, contact information, social media, photos, videos, lead forms, etc.

Once you have a Linq product and you activate it in the app, it will automatically connect to your Linq page. Just by scanning your Linq product or QR code, your page pops up with all that information, making connecting with others an unforgettable experience. People can download your contact info straight from your page into their phones!

Our biggest pull is that the other person you're connecting with does not need a product or an app to connect with you.

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