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How do I use the Linq Card?
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With the Linq card, you can easily share your Linq page with a tap or scan or the QR code. The first step in using any of our products, is to make sure you have a Linq account and Linq page set up to your liking. You can add your contact information, videos, photos, documents, social links, other links, and more to your Linq page.

Products come unactivated, so when you receive your card, you will follow the steps activate it to your account. After you are done activating, you will be ready to share your Linq page with the card. The card will stay tied to this page until you decide to either deactivate it or change the page it is associated with.

Linq Cards are our wallet friendly option that has a wide field of NFC connectivity. You still need to put it right up to the NFC reader of the phone that is trying to read it. So make sure you know where this NFC reader is on most devices to make your interactions even speedier!

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