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How do I use my Linq Bracelet?
How do I use my Linq Bracelet?
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We make the Linq Stretch bracelet as well as the Linq V3 Silicone bracelet! These are both great wearable options that are not as obvious as a Linq Badge. They are a bit more low-key and look stylish on your wrist! You can wear it daily just in case you run into a person that could be a great contact/lead to make.

Just like the rest of our products, it will come unactivated and need to be activated and assigned to your Linq account. Once it is activated and assigned, your bracelet will be able to pull up your Linq page with a tap or QR scan!

Both the Linq Stretch and Linq V3 Silicone will have a QR code printed on the product to serve as a backup for phones that don't have NFC functionality. On the Linq Stretch, it is on the under side right under the logo. On the V3 silicone, the QR is printed on the opposite end of the Linq Logo and also has a 2nd NFC chip embedded under this.

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