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What Happens After Connecting With Someone
What Happens After Connecting With Someone

The process of connecting with someone and what comes next.

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You have just shared your Linq page via QR code, NFC product, or URL. This person you are interacting with is now taken to your Linq page on their phone. If they have the Linq app, it will open up your page in the app, but if not, it will open up on the web. So there is no need for the people you are interacting with to need the Linq app.

What needs to happen next?

1) On your Linq page, they will see all the content you have added and the option to click the Exchange Contact button at the bottom.

2) If you want their information, direct them to click Exchange Contact (Save Contact), fill out the form with their information, and download your contact on the next screen.

3) Then, they can visit your Linq page and check out the content you have made ready on your page. They can click these links, view photos, download any documents you uploaded, book time with you, and more!

4) The contact they download from your page will also have a link to return to your Linq page anytime they want to revisit it.

5) After interacting and saving them in your Linq contacts, you can set follow-up reminders, schedule different follow-up tasks, and even use your Snippets library to send pre-made texts or emails from your default email or text application. All you have to do is click on their contact, click email or text, and then select or create a Snippet to use.

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