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How to Customize Exchange Form
How to Customize Exchange Form

Lists steps on how to Customize your Linq page Exchange Form

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This Exchange Form is the one built into your page's Exchange Contact button. This button will also read "Save Contact" if you don't have "Contact Exchange Preference" toggled on. Here are the steps for customizing this exchange form.


  1. Login to your Linq account via the app or on the web.

  2. Your primary page will be displayed first, so make sure you are viewing the right page if you have multiple. Once you confirm you are viewing the right page, click the 3 dots button at the top.

  3. Now you will select Edit Page Settings.

  4. Scroll to the bottom and find Customize Exchange Form.

  5. This will show you the questions that are defaulted on your exchange form. You can click +Add Field to see what other options you have.

  6. You have preloaded options for Job Title, Company, Location.

  7. You can also make a Custom Question or Custom Drop Down Question.

  8. Once you are done adding your form questions, be sure to click Save in the top right. You also have the option to Preview the form by clicking Preview at the top.

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