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Acuity Scheduling Content Option
Acuity Scheduling Content Option

How to set up Squarespace scheduling (formerly known as Acuity) on a Linq page.

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This is now called Squarespace scheduling, but is still called Acuity in the Linq app at this time. With this you can provide your scheduling link and have visitors book time with you directly from your Linq page. It is simple to set up if you already have an Acuity or Squarespace scheduling account.

Before Setup

Make sure you have an Acuity or Squarespace scheduling account set up and ready to share. They will provide the booking link that you will need for this setup. Have this handy for when it is needed.

How to use Acuity Scheduling

  1. Go to the Pages tab in the app. (2nd icon from the left at the bottom of the app)

  2. Click Add Content at the top of your page.

  3. Scroll and find Acuity Scheduling

  4. You can edit the Button Text which is what will display on your button that gets added to your Linq page.

  5. The next field asks for your scheduling "direct link". You can find this in your Acuity Scheduling account.

  6. Click Save when you are done and it will add to the bottom of your page.

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