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Linq Page Content Options

Lists the options of content that you can add to your Linq page.

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What is Content?

Content is what we call the links, photos, files, videos, etc, that you can add on your Linq page. There are many types that you can add and customize for your page. Use Content to showcase additional resources for visitors on your page.

How to Add Content

  1. Login to your Linq account on the web (, or on the app.

  2. Click Edit Page on the Home Screen, or go to the Pages tab (2nd from the left icon at the bottom of the app).

  3. Make sure you are on the page you wish to edit if you have more than one page.

  4. Click Add Content at the top.

Content Options

  1. Links - Customize how you share URLs on your page.

  2. Video Embed - Embed a YouTube or Vimeo video on your page.

  3. About Me - Write about yourself, or something that matters to you.

  4. Calendly Button - Directly link to your Calendly from your page.

  5. Social Icons - Choose from up to 20 social media icons to add to your page

  6. Files - Upload files to your page for others to view and/or download.

  7. Photo Gallery - Create a grid of photos and/or graphics.

  8. Expandable Text - Add one or more expandable text blocks. Perfect for FAQs.

  9. Reviews - Add your Google, Yelp, or Facebook profiles for customers to leave reviews.

  10. Team Directory - (Exclusive to Linq for Team accounts) Share your team's Linq pages so people can easily connect with them, too.

  11. Acuity Scheduling - Directly link to your Squarespace Scheduling from your page.

  12. Spotify Player - Add an embedded Spotify player to share your favorite song, playlist, or podcast.

  13. Soundcloud Player - Add an embedded Soundcloud player to share a song, playlist, or podcast.

  14. Typeform Embed - Add any Typeform form right on your page, as a popup or embedded directly into the page.

  15. Linq Leap - Automatically redirect people from your Linq page to another URL.

  16. Quick Contact - Let people call, text, and/or email you with a tap of a button.

  17. Ambassador Link - Give friends a direct link to 15% off all Linq products (and 15% commission to you).

  18. Leads Form - A form for others to share their contact info with you.

  19. Linq Pay Button - Collect payment directly from your Linq page (via Stripe).

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