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Soundcloud Player Content Option
Soundcloud Player Content Option

How to set up your Soundcloud Player on your Linq page

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Soundcloud Player

You can embed a Soundcloud Player on your Linq page so people can play these tunes without leaving your Linq page.

Before Setup

You will be asked for a URL to the Soundcloud media that you wish to play on your page. Be sure to have this handy for setup. You can find it by clicking the 3 dots next to the song in Soundcloud and copying the link there.

How to Use Soundcloud Player

  1. Go to the Pages tab. (2nd icon from the left at the bottom of the app)

  2. Click the Add Content button at the top.

  3. Scroll to find Soundcloud Player and select it.

  4. The edit window for this player will appear.

  5. You can give this player section a title by editing the Section Header.

  6. The next field down you will paste the Share URL you copied from Soundcloud.

  7. Click Save when you are done and it will add to your page.


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