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Leads Form Content Option

How to set up your Lead Form on your Linq page

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Leads Form

Lead Forms are a content option you can use to collect visitors information with a form displayed on your page. This is slightly different from the regular Exchange Contact flow that is built into every Linq page. If you don't like the normal flow, this is a way to make it more custom and have it displayed proudly on your page. The contacts get saved into your Linq Contacts when they complete and submit this form.

How to Use Leads Forms

  1. Log into your account in the app or at on the computer.

  2. Go to your Pages tab. (2nd icon from the left at the bottom of the app)

  3. Click "Add Content" at the top of your page.

  4. Find and click "Leads Forms" on this list.

  5. You can add a title to this form section by editing the Section Header.

  6. You can edit or change the Submit Button Text as well.

  7. Below, you will see the question fields you can edit. By default, it already has the Full Name field, the Phone Number field, and the Email field. You can choose if any question is required or not.

  8. You can add more fields to this form by clicking an option at the bottom.

  9. You can make Custom Select fields. These allow you to create options that pre-populate for them to choose. Follow the format listed in the example.

  10. You can make Custom Text fields. These will save as a Note on the contact.

  11. Click the gear wheel at the top of this edit window for more settings.

  12. You can change how this displays on your page with the Display Mode.

  13. You can choose to share your page's contact information with the submitter.

  14. You can also choose a color for when this is in Popup Display Mode.

  15. You can Sort these questions on the form as well by going to the sort section at the top of the Edit Window. Click the double line on the right to drag and drop these form questions in the order you prefer.

  16. Click Save when you are done.

  17. This will be added to the bottom of your page. You can also sort your content on your page by clicking Sort at the top.

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