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Organizational Admin vs. Team Admin
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What's the Difference?

You will see that there are three roles someone associated with a Linq for Teams subscription can have: organizational admin, team admin, and member.

An organizational admin is the role with the most permissions. They have full ownership, access, and viewership over everything within the organization, including all of its teams. Organizational admins, can build out custom integrations or the organization, organizational template, add seats to the subscription and view the organizations recently billing history.

Organizational admins have access to every team and the page of every team member, regardless of which team they are on.

Team admins have permissions within their team. they can create team templates, and view and edit the pages of the members of their team. Team admins can not view other teams or edit the pages of members of other teams.
A member can only access and edit their own page (if edit access is granted by a team admin).

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