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How to Access the Admin Dashboard
How to Access the Admin Dashboard
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When logged in on the desktop, you may notice this new toggle in the top right corner. What this toggle is going to allow you to do is switch back and forth between a view as you, the individual link user and member, and you as the organizational admin of your organization.


You'll see by default when you log in, you are in the member view. We'll see this as it says member in the top right this is gonna be your page.


You'll have access to your personal menu over here on the left, and you will still have access to your organization in the old admin view as well under this view.


But if we toggle appear on the top and select organization admin, that's going to take us into this new admin dashboard that is now launched.


In some further videos, we're gonna kind of dive into a couple of these different features and some how-tos in this dashboard.


But for here, just wanna show you how to access this new admin dashboard through this toggle up here. There may be a couple spaces in here that when you click on it, it takes you back into the old admin experience because it hasn't fully been built out in the new dashboard yet.


If you do get taken back into the old admin experience you can simply toggle back into the dashboard by selecting organizational admin.


So again, when team member old admin mode is selected, this is for you. The individual Link user Toggling in here is for you, the organizational admin where you can access this new admin dashboard.

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