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Issue with Activating/New Account
Issue with Activating/New Account
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Written by Brandon Lett
Updated over a week ago

Sorry for the issue with activation. If it is hanging up on the stage where you are trying to create the account during activation, it may have created an account without you knowing.

Try to use the "Sign In" when in the app, and use the information you were trying to use to log in. If you get a code and get logged in, you can follow these steps for activation:

1) Open the Linq App to the Home Screen.

2) When you are on that page, click on the button that reads Activate a Product to get to the Products page.

3) On that page that pops up, select Activate Product

4) When you do that, some options on the bottom of your screen that say NFC Reader and QR Scanner should appear.

5) Click on either NFC Reader or QR Scanner, scan the QR code, or tap your NFC reader on the product.

6) When you do that, a notification should pop up and direct you to a page that says, "Activate your Linq ___"- select that, and your product should be activated!

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