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Save Contact System
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When someone visits a Linq page, an Exchange Contact button appears at the bottom. From here, contact information can be downloaded into someone's phone. They can also choose to exchange contact information with the page's owner. To physically save the contact into the phone, please follow these steps:
For the iPhone, the other person must manually press "Create a new contact" to start saving.

1) Press the Save Contact button on your page

2) A preview of your contact shows on their phone

3) Scroll down to see "Create a New Contact."

4) They physically save the contact into their phone

For Android, the contact will immediately download to the phone's contacts or download as a file. When it downloads as a file, it will show it at the top, where the user can click it and tell the phone which account to save it under. This happens for people with multiple Gmail accounts logged in on an Android.

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