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Which Product Should I Get?
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All of our products come equipped with both NFC and QR technology and they all work the same way. These physical products are excellent networking tools and can link people via NFC or QR code to your Linq page. All your contact information and other content (links, photos, videos, forms, etc.) will be available on your Linq page after you set your page up. So all you need to think about is which product suits how you wish to connect with people.

Linq Card - Classic, wallet-friendly, and has customizable options with NFC and QR codes on the product. Comes in Titanium or PVC. Can be purchased as a Hyper product.

Linq Tap - This is a small NFC-only device that can be attached to your phone case so that you always have on you a Linq NFC product that is connected to your page. We also have an XL version with an updated NFC chip.

Linq Hub - This is an NFC and QR code tabletop version. This functions the same as the card and all our other products but is good for placing on a surface and leaving it. Ex. - Realtors can have one on the table at an open house for visitors to scan and get information on the house and the Realtor! Another Ex - You are hosting a table at a convention and don't wish to keep getting your card out. This can sit front and center on any tabletop for people to scan at their convenience. We have Regular or Mini sizes availabable.

Linq Tag - Keychain version with NFC and QR code. Put this on your key ring to always have a Linq NFC product with you!

Linq Bracelet (Stretch or V3 Silicone) - a wearable version with NFC and QR code. If you don't want to keep getting your card out of your wallet, you can have this on your wrist ready to present for people to tap or scan.

Linq Badge - This is great for events so that you can wear your Linq card around your neck and have it ready to scan. you can design this with your picture, or company logo if you like! It has a QR printed on the front as well to serve as a backup for the NFC. We have an XL version for events where you need your badge to stand out!

HYPER Linq Products - some of our most beloved Linq products supercharged with HYPER features:

  • Connect 3x faster.
    Tap your Linq Badge to launch your contact preview on a new connection’s phone. They’ll see everything they need to save your details in just 2 taps.

  • Stand out like a PRO.
    Upgrade to PRO to customize your photo, name, and title for a tailored contact snapshot.

  • Automatic follow-ups.
    If a new contact doesn’t finish saving your info, they’ll receive a reminder push notification. Plus, all your saved contacts get automatic follow-ups to keep you top-of-mind.

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