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How do I use the Hub?
How do I use the Hub?
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Each hub is NFC-embedded and QR-enabled, so with a tap or scan, a new connection or customer is instantly directed to your profile and the information you want to share!

Showcase your newest inventory, direct a diner to a menu, or give an attendee a special promo to take with them.
The possibilities are endless! Start building your Linq page today and share it with ease with the brand-new Linq Hub V2.

When you receive the Hub in the mail, you will first activate it to your page. If you don't have an account, the first scan or tap will direct you to download the app first and set up an account. Then it will allow you to activate this Hub to your newly made account!

The hub will be attached to one page of yours, so with this page you want to add the links, photos, videos, documents, contact information, and anything else you want people to see when they connect with this device.

Hubs are great for tabletop use! You can use it at a convention table, trade show table, bar counter, checkout counter, coffee table at an open house, and more! The possibilities are endless and it is up to you with how you choose to use it.

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