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How do I use the Linq Tap?
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The Linq tap is a version our our Linq card that you can attach to your phone case! Or you can choose to attach it anywhere that will help you have this always with you and ready to share your Linq page.

****Before attaching it to your phone, make sure you are aware of where your phone's NFC reader is. For iPhone's your NFC reader is at the very top, so you want to put this Linq Tap at the bottom of your iPhone case. For Android, it is usually in the middle or towards the bottom, so you want to avoid this area when attaching the Tap. This way the NFC reader will not be constantly reading the Linq Tap on your phone case. If it is constantly giving you Linq NFC Tag notifications, then your phone's NFC reader is picking up the signal and the Tap will need to be moved further away from that spot. You can look up through google to find a diagram of where your NFC reader is to help.****

Before attaching to your phone, you want to also make sure you activate it and set it up on the page you want it to pull up. You can go to Products>Activate Linq Product> and follow the steps to activate with your NFC reader. Some taps have a QR also printed that will allow you to activate via QR code if you prefer this.

Once it is activated and assigned to a page, it will stay tied to this page! Now during interactions, you can pull up your Linq tap on your phone and place it on the other person's phone's NFC reader. This will give them a notification and will bring up your Linq page! It is that easy!

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