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Hyper Settings

Describes how to utilize the Hyper settings for your Hyper products.

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Hyper Settings: (only with Linq Pro or Linq Pro Plus)

To locate your Hyper settings, you can either:

  1. Go to your Products Page by clicking the Product icon next to the bell on the Home Screen. Click on the Hyper Product and select Hyper Linq Settings.

  2. Go to your page on the Pages tab (2nd icon from the left in the bottom of the app), then click Share. You will see an option for the Hyper settings on this page.

Within your Hyper Settings you can:

  1. Turn Off or On the sending of follow-up push notifications.

  2. With Linq Pro Plus, you can customize Follow-Up Notifications to your liking.

    1. This includes setting the timing of the different push notifications and the text of the push notifications with optional variables.

  3. Turn Off or On Auto-Download Contact Card.

  4. Edit the Preview Picture, Title, and Subtitle. (This is the app clip preview people see when connecting to your Hyper product.

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