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Quick Contact

This goes into detail on the Quick Contact option for content on Linq pages.

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Quick Contact

Quick Contact is an easy way to add options for visitors to your page to contact you quickly. You can provide any phone number for calling or texting as well as an email address. When a visitor clicks on the Quick Contact option, it will open the default program on their phone to perform this text, call, or email.

How to Set Up Quick Contact


  1. Login to your Linq app or on with your computer.

  2. Go to your Pages section.

  3. Click Add Content.

  4. Select Quick Contact.

  5. Fill in your phone number and email in the appropriate fields.

  6. Click Save.

  7. It is now added to your Linq page at the bottom.

  8. Click Edit above this content tile if you need to ever change the information you provided.

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