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Share Options for your Linq Page
Share Options for your Linq Page

This will go over the Share options from the Share screen on your Linq page.

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How to Find your Share Page

  1. Open and Log in to your Linq app.

  2. You can click the Share Your Page quick action on the Home Screen, or you can go to the Pages tab (2nd from the left at the bottom of the app), and click Share at the Top.

  3. Here you will see all the Options to share your page included the QR code displayed at the top. You can have people scan this here to visit your page on their phone, or choose one of the other options I will discuss here.

    Share Screen

Share Options

  1. QR code is displayed at the top as well as the URL which you can copy.

    1. Have people scan this to bring up your page on their phone.

    2. If you have multiple pages, make sure you are on the right one by double-checking the URL below this QR code. You can click back to the Pages screen and change the page you are viewing and then click Share to view that page's QR code and share screen.

  2. Share Link

    1. This will pull up your phone's options for sharing this link.

  3. Download QR Code

    1. This will download a PNG high resolution file of that page's QR code. You can use this to print on any materials like posters, cards, and more! You can also set this as a phone background for easy scan-ability.

  4. Share as Text

    1. This will show a screen to enter the Recipients Name and Mobile phone number. It will send a text with your contact card from the Linq app phone number. They can reply to this text and start a conversation with you!

  5. Share as Email

    1. This will show a screen to enter the Recipients Name and Email. It will send an email with your contact card from Linq. They can reply to this email and start a conversation with you!

  6. Create Virtual Background

    1. This will let you create a Virtual Background for your online video-conference meetings. It will have your page's QR code in the corner and a background image that you can upload or choose from a selection.

  7. Create Email Signature

    1. This will generate an Email Signature using your contact details from your page, as well as your profile picture or logo.

  8. Add To Apple Wallet

    1. This will allow Apple Users to download a card with your page QR code and basic information. It will save to your Apple Wallet where you can easily pull it up during interactions.

  9. Hyper Linq

    1. This is for users with a Hyper product. If you don't have a Hyper product, you can't use these settings.

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