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Basic Tips for Setting up a Linq Page
Basic Tips for Setting up a Linq Page
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Upon clicking "Get Started," you will be asked for your email and phone number. You can start a page with either one or both! Then, it will ask you to upload a Profile Pic (of your face or logo of your business if you don't want to showcase your picture). This will show blank on your page if you don't load anything. When you finish this, it will take you into the app with all the tabs at the bottom and show you your blank Linq page.

First, make sure you have the correct contact information on your page. The default contact information loaded for you uses the email and phone number you signed up with.

You can change this by:

1) Click on "Edit Contact" right under your name on the right of your page.

2) Fill out the information you wish to share when someone accesses your page.

3) When anyone connects and sees the "Save Contact" button, it will only use the information you have in these fields for your page.

Once you have your contact information correct, you can add content to your page. Click Add Content to see the many options to add to your page. Click anything that sounds good, and fill out any necessary information. Read carefully as the app will tell you exactly what it needs to complete this content tile. For Social Media links it will either ask for the URL or the Handle(screen name, username) to add this to your page. If the wrong thing is provided, it will not work. So just read carefully!

If you want to change the URL that is provided for you, you can edit this easily by clicking the 3 dots button at the top of the page and changing the URL ending at the very top. If it doesn't accept the new ending, it is because it is already in use. While you are in this settings window, see if there is anything else you would like to change on your page.

You will always have the option to upgrade to Pro, so play around and see if the free version is enough before upgrading.

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