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My product shows a profile that isn't mine.
My product shows a profile that isn't mine.

Describes what to do if your product shows a different page that isn't yours.

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We at Support can help with this issue. We will need a picture of the QR code on the product, and an explanation of whether this product came to you connected to this account out of the box, or if you know the person on the page it is connected to. It is possible that a card has a duplicated UID code programmed on it from our manufacturer or the product was activated by the first person you allowed to scan it.

If you never activated the product and let someone scan it, they could have accidentally completed the activation. We at Support would use the QR code on the product to find this profile and disconnect the card from it. If the product has a duplicated UID programmed, we will need to replace it.

Please email or send a chat with a clear picture of this QR code on the product, and we will do our best to work with you and figure out which situation applies. We are happy to do this if you need a replacement for a duplicated UID card!

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