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Customer Support

Help for common customer support questions and how-tos

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Ambassador Information
General Linq Info
How to Sign up Via App
Important QR Code Information
What is Linq and how can it be used?
Does the other person need the Linq app?
Does Linq require a subscription?
Do Linq products work with every phone?
What is Linq Pro?
Where do I download the app?
Can I change the info on my page at any point?
Where do you ship to?
What payment methods do you accept?
Which Product Should I Get?
I have multiple businesses. How do promote/share them all?
I have multiple businesses, how do I share them with NFC products?
Do I need a physical Product? Can I use Linq digitally?
Is this a one-time cost? Will it commit me to recurring fees?
Can I set this up for someone else?
Basic Tips for Setting up a Linq Page
Linq Pro vs. Linq for Teams
No App Needed to Connect
How do product and pages relate
Profile QR vs Product QR
Tips for Realtors?
More Information on How to Linq
More about Linq Products
Is Linq compatible with Android and Apple?
Linq for Teams Info
Do you sell a product that can link directly to my website?
I met someone with Linq and need to know how to get started.
What industries is Linq suitable for?
Tips for using Linq at a trade show
Where is Linq from?
How long does it take to set up an account?
Is an internet connection necessary to share info?
After connecting with someone, what comes next?
Would the Linq for Teams be a more effective pricing than purchasing individual cards?
Does Linq have phone support?
How are the Linq NFC products programmed? How is the data on the card protected from being overwritten by someone?
Introducing the Linq Phone

Issue with Activating/New Account
Add Social Icons
Business Card Scanner
Change App Language
Edit URL Handle
Collecting Contact Information
Page Background Color
Download QR Code
Edit Contact Information
Export .CSV Contacts
How to use Calendly
How To Create Email Signature
How to Add Links
How to Private Page
Set a Reminder
How to Add a Page
Saving Contact from Linq Page
Sorting Content
Resize Content
Save Contact System
Setting Up Integration
Can my Linq product point to somewhere else other than a Linq page?
How do I manage my pages on the web or set up an account on a desktop?
How do I collect more contacts and generate more leads?
If my contact info changes, will it update in the phone of those who downloaded my old contact info?
I no longer have access to my email or phone number is there a way to access my account?
Can I Get a Demo?
How do I change the information on my QR code/card?
My Instagram isn't working?
Can we add custom scripts to our page?
Can I put my logo on a Linq product/in the Linq App?
Edit Account Information
Auto Contact Download Not Possible
If I update my contact information on my page, does it update the contact that they saved in their phone?
Assigning page to product
Can I add my socials and payment links without opting for Linq Pro?
Can we put our own business logo on our online profile?
CRM integration
What is Linq Pay?
How do I connect Linq to Zapier?
Issues Logging In
How to use Snippets?
Can you disconnect my Stripe integration for Linq Pay on my account?
How to use Linq Leap
Linq Page Settings
How to use Linq Pay
Sort Content Pieces within Content Tile
Linq Phone Settings and Important Info
Hyper Settings
How to Find Your Zapier API Key
Subscribed Annually? Where to find the discount code.
How to Edit Follow-Up Messages